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6 ClearSlide Competitors to Improve Your Sales Engagement


Effective working processes build the foundations of successful businesses, while engagement tools establish lasting and fruitful customer relationships. Today, selling techniques alone could not continue to extract qualified leads without a reliable and up-to-date engagement toolkit. This article will cover 6 ClearSlide competitors that can help you boost sales engagement and close more deals.

What is Sales Engagement?

While sales enablement tools help teams improve and automate internal processes, to ensure that reps have all the necessary resources to close deals, sales engagement platforms assist managers in building strong customer relationships to maximize their satisfaction and increase sales.

1. VanillaSoft

VanillaSoft is a quite popular sales engagement tool. It allows marketing or sales managers to maximize their performance by eliminating administrative tasks and automating best-practice workflows.


It has a wide range of sales-friendly features that can simplify your job and improve your communication with prospects and clients:

  • Lead and sales tracking
  • Auto dialing
  • Call recording
  • Appointment setting
  • Email and SMS Marketing
  • Logical-branch scripting

If you're looking for an excellent alternative to traditional CRM platforms, then VanillaSoft is the right choice. It helps sales reps systematize all their tasks and handle every lead with maximum capacity.

The tool has impressive customer satisfaction and increased productivity rates – over 90 percent. This is good evidence that the tool aids companies in finding qualified leads, contacting them at the right time with personalized messages, and closing more deals.


If you want to scale your email communication with clients and prospects while keeping them personalized, then may be the sales engagement tool for you. The electronic messages created with this SaaS provider don't look overly commercial and so always end up in the recipient's "Primary" inbox.


The platform has a lot of other sales features, helping reps not only send emails and follow-ups, but also create daily tasks, make calls, connect on LinkedIn if necessary, and analyze their sales processes:

  • Email and sequence templates
  • A/B testing
  • Custom schedules
  • International calls
  • Daily workflow on tasks dashboard
  • Native CRM Integrations, API & Zapier
  • Complete prospect info and recent activities
  • Team results
  • Call recording and listening, etc.

Apart from that, its Chrome extension allows sales reps to discover the work emails of their prospects on LinkedIn to reach out to them later with customized messages.

3. DocSend

DocSend is a great sales engagement instrument if you want to ensure that your clients, prospects, and sales reps are always using the most up-to-date version of any document.


The platform allows sales managers or clients to store documents in their own secured hub. The only thing that they need to do is to send a link to the materials they want to share.

But that's not all. DocSend provides the reps with analytics that help them engage with clients and follow up if necessary:

  • Get notifications each time someone views your document
  • Monitor time spent on reading it
  • Track top performing pages and average completion percentage
  • Analyze document version performance

The platform even allows you to update a document that has already been sent. That's quite useful for avoiding unnecessary work and being sure that nothing is lost to spam filters.

4. Poseidon

Poseidon is an excellent sales engagement tool for managers who are using LinkedIn to get qualified leads. The platform is a great alternative to expensive sales instruments as it offers a free version for those who just started their social selling journey.


But at the same time, it features an affordable option for sales teams who would like to improve their customer engagement process. Poseidon provides sales managers with a broad range of opportunities that can make their job easier:

  1. Personalize your outbound messages
  2. See your recent connection requests
  3. Get notified about new accepted connections or messages via Slack or webhook.
  4. Send and track your documents
  5. Check grammar
  6. Analyze your sales process
  7. Work in teams

Poseidon is also great in maximizing your messages' click-through rate. The system makes them unfurl with OpenGraph, so your prospects get a preview of what you linked to and so are less skeptical and more intrigued about opening it.

Apart from that, you can upload as many documents as you need, name and describe them, add your own social media preview (unfurl) image, and assign each document a custom command alias (key combo). This lets you embed them in your LinkedIn or email messages in-line, on-the-fly. So you can send even complex sets of material within seconds, faster and more in-flow than copy-pasting. Poseidon, like a far more costly accounts-based sales landing page, gives you an opportunity to surround and target prospects with personalized and branded content that speaks to their needs and gets them to respond.

All you need is to download and install the free Chrome extension to use all the platform's benefits right on LinkedIn. Poseidon can help you customize communication with your prospects and clients and boost sales.

5. Mixmax

Another sales engagement tool that deserves your attention is Mixmax. This platform allows sales reps to create customized messages with higher open and reply rates. Its features facilitate communication with customers and provide managers with necessary instruments to close more deals.


Mixmax saves a lot of time, helps sales teams track their performance, get feedback, collaborate, and respond faster, smarter, and with better information thanks to the following instruments:

  • Link previews
  • Sidechat
  • Polls and surveys
  • Email templates for Gmail
  • Mixmax Sidebar to craft messages using social and CRM insights
  • Phone dialer to call prospects without leaving Gmail, etc.

Mixmax makes customer-facing work more efficient, eliminates a lot of manual tasks, and decreases the number of apps you need to use at work.


If you want to improve customer satisfaction and boost your revenue, then it's time to try the Groove sales engagement tool. It's one of the top platforms that can help sales professionals send personalized emails, automate workflows, scale informed calls, collaborate on account lists, and get some analytics to polish sales processes.


It has an extensive list of useful sales instruments that assist managers in delivering the right message at the right time and raising their productivity:

  • Email and calendar sync
  • Custom data collection
  • Automated flows
  • Analytics
  • Workspaces
  • Leads import
  • Local presence calling
  • SMS messages
  • Call stats
  • Account-based engagement, etc.

Apart from that, the platform supplies its users with a template performance tool. This allows them to understand the efficiency of emails or call scripts, share the best ones with colleagues, and improve templates that are underperforming.


Every sales professional knows how crucial customer engagement is. If you're looking for an affordable tool to facilitate your communication with prospects, download the Poseidon browser extension now.


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