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Know what to say

Insantly search through your library of messages to find what's worked

Send messages that get opened the first time

Know what messages & content worked, and which of your sales people did the outreach

Personalized Relevance

Know what to say to people that will get them to respond. Get meetings booked with poise and ease.

Dialer Built In

With our built in dialer, you will be able to listen to yourself (or coach your SDR team by listening to calls

Send and Track Nurture Content

Upload PDFs, Documents, and Images with your prospects and know when they've viewed them

Get notified and hit your Sales Goals

Be notified when your prospect responds or views a piece of content so you can respond in a timely manner


Training and Coaching for you (or your team of SDRs, right in line. Sales is hard. Let us help with coaching tips.


Track and understand how much activity has been performed across your Sales team

Prof Services + Training

With our done for you tier, we'll help you build cadences, put together compelling and interesting content to share with your prospects

Join experts from the Top tier sales & growth teams and startup accelerators using Poseidon

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Kirill Z, Serial Entrepreneur

Poseidon puts LinkedIn on steroids. Whether you want to reconnect with old leads or reach out to new ones, its intuitive interface and predictive algorithms help your message to stand out. Poseidon helps you reach your connections on a human level, increasing engagement and conversion.

Evelyn, BDR, Humin Technologies Inc

I have not compromised the quality of my outreach while being able to multiply the amount of clients that I'm able to reach out to and it's overall just made my work incredibly way more productive and has been the most useful tool that I use.

Megan K, Founder / CEO, Megan Killion Consulting

I started working with Poseidon back in August and since then the pace of innovation and responses to feature requests has been passed my wildest imagination. The ferocity with which this platform solves problems both as a user of the platform myself and also as a coach to other SDR's is amazing at this point.

Nick H, Founders Live CEO

For those of us who do business, there's no better way on the planet to reach key decision makers than social selling. Eschew the clunky CRMs, toss out the fancy sales enablement stuff.

Just show me the people I SHOULD connect with, and how I can tailor my communication with them to have the most impact.

Conventional cold email outreach solutions are built around "spray and pray" approaches that rarely work. Poseidon truly aligns Sales and Marketing to collaborate to increase velocity.

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For casual networkers, job seekers, or people who want to leverage social selling before committing to a plan

Use it for

  • 10 Message templates
  • Message template starter pack
  • Share and track PDFs, Presentations, and Videos with prospects using
  • Centrally organize templates and call scripts with tags
  • Omnichannel cadences nurture your prospects
  • Keyboard shortcuts for lightning quick workflow
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For elite networkers, sales experts, and recruiters who want to share activities and messages across a team and gauge effectiveness

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  • Unlimited Message templates
  • Unlimited Cadence templates
  • Integrates with Hubspot
  • Integrates with Salesforce
  • Zapier Integration
  • Close CRM Integration
  • Google Tag Manager Integration
  • Easy Custom Audiences for Ads
  • Personalization at Scale
  • Integrated Dialer with call recordings enabled - Simple conversation intelligence
  • Document view tracking by time, views, location
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Done for you

We deploy experts to craft messages, create engaging content, or running outreach. Our fully managed service options puts Poseidon pros in the drivers seat to help run your sales.

Starting at

  • Access to Pro Poseidon + Less restrictions on number of outbound messages
  • Weekly content consultations
  • Full Template creation
  • 5 cadences built for you based on ICPs
  • Target list refinement
  • Managed cadence outreach
  • 5 highly-targeted email sequences
  • Retargeting campaign set up
  • Managed appointment setting
  • Lead pre-qualification

Dedicated Customer Success and Account managers

Let us help you get off the ground the right way

Join elite networkers, sales prospectors and closers the world over using Poseidon

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