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Use Poseidon to export contacts from Linkedin Sales Navigator

Exporting contacts from LinkedIn Sales Navigator for cadencing

Once you have a sense of the product or service that you're selling and the market that you're selling it to, the next step often is to take a trip to LinkedIn sales navigator. Sales navigator allows you to do very powerful searches across the entire Linkedin data set for people who may be good targets for your product or service.

The best ways to grow your professional network is to use LinkedIn to find perspective clients. Significant amount of data has shown that using multiple channels, for instance email, LinkedIn (social), and calling is highly effective in being able to reach prospects. Often times, across multiple accounts, you will have prospects that are virtually unreachable across one particular channel, but they will be more prone and more open to listening on other channels.

How to Export LinkedIn Contacts

It's possible to export LinkedIn contacts from profiles very easily. Safe Linkedin automation using Poseidon is similiar to other Linkedin or social media focused tools, such as closely, zopto, weconnect, expandi, growthlead, cleverly, growthlead, or phantombuster.

LinkedIn sales navigator allows you to export your contacts; Poseidon allows you to attach these contacts to omnichannel cadences very easily using just a few steps.

Steps to export

  • First, visit Sales Navigator and make sure that you are a paid member. If you aren't already a Sales navigator user, you really should join, as it has a number of benefits.
  • Now you are ready to start doing some prospecting and create some account lists within LinkedIn sales navigator. Sales Navigator
  • You can create an account list first, and then track down the leads within there using the Lead Lists button.

1. Go to a Lead List Within Sales Navigator Step 1 screenshot

2. Click on the Poseidon Chrome Extension

The Poseidon Chrome Extension will open a new tab on the right hand side of your Google Chrome Browser Step 2 screenshot

3. Click on Download CSV in the Poseidon Extension

Step 3 screenshot


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