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How to Sell with LinkedIn Sales Navigator – A Guide from Poseidon

How to Sell with LinkedIn Sales Navigator – A Guide from Poseidon

If you're in B2B sales and not using LinkedIn Sales Navigator your sales professionals are missing out. LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers you the best solution to reach key decision-makers on the platform.

A common question we here is how best to use Sales Nav and we're here to provide you some tips for using LinkedIn Sales Nav that improve your selling strategy. This advice is best used for sales and marketing teams that used an account-based selling framework. So here is what we are going to cover:

  • Why Sales Organizations Needs Sales Nav if they are Social Selling
  • Where to Start with the Tool
  • 5 Tips to Fill your Sales Pipeline with Sales Nav

Does your Sales Team need Sales Nav? If You're Social Selling the Answer is Yes.

Sales Navigator has features that go beyond it's Advanced Search Results, and it's the extra features of the premium version of LinkedIn that make it a need for your team. An important thing to know is that the free version of LinkedIn is limited to promote users to invest in it's premium offerings. You can't search too many LinkedIn profiles or send out too many LinkedIn connections. Your activity is being monitored because LinkedIn wants you to make the investment.

The limitations on the free account aren't the only reason to upgrade. The advance features available allow you to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to improve your enterprise sales operations. Sales Navigator gives you the power to bolster your lead generation and outbound processes. If your team or enterprise salespeople are not using Sales Navigator, they are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Where to Start Selling with Sales Navigator?

Sales Navigator is a great tool for salespeople who are looking for new leads and opportunities. It provides access to a large database of potential customers, as well as tools to help you research and connect with them. You can use boolean searches to find people in your target audience based on their company size, regular LinkedIn use, job title, seniority level, etc. Then you can save leads into custom lists so that you're targeting each ICP with the right message.

The best way to get started with Sales Navigator is to sign up for a free trial. This will give you access to all of the features and allow you to see if it is a good fit for your needs. After the trial, you can decide if you want to upgrade to a paid subscription. Now let's get into it and talk about some Sales Navigator best practices.

5 Sales Navigator Tips to Help Sales Reps fill their Pipeline

InMail Messages

The "gold" LinkedIn logo that you see with some profiles means you have the green light to reach out directly to a lead. It's LinkedIn's version of an email and when done write can get you directly in front of sales navigator users. Power users on LinkedIn are receiving a ton of notifications, especially by email. If you can use the InMail well, you have a much higher chance of moving the deal along.

The other good thing is you don't have to send a connection request to send inmails. Another tip is looking for "open" profiles with your sales preferences. This will make landing that first message even easier.

Job Change Alerts

Knowing your prospect's career journey is important for a lot of reasons. It's good research and it also let's you know when someone is new to a company. Filtering leads on Sales Navigator based on their recently changed jobs is a pro move. It's great for a few reasons. First, it makes the conversation easier to start because you have some great prompts you can go with.

Every sales professional knows that the more information you have about a prospect comes in handy. Reps can use recent career changes as a great in to a company.

View Similar Profiles

Here's an easy LinkedIn Sales Navigator hack that can improve your lead prospecting and reveal a whole new list of relevant leads.

  • Go to the search bar in Sales Navigator.
  • Search for your target market.
  • Select any lead from the results.
  • Press ‘View similar’

Once you do this, you'll get 100+ leads that are similar to your customers. Using the platform as it should be enables your sales leaders and helps close deals which is always most important.

Check for those Who've Posted on LinkedIn

Sales Navigator has a criteria you set called "Posted Content Keywords," which allows you to filter target potential buyers according to whether or not they have posted or engaged with content related to what you are selling. This is a powerful sales tool because the most active users are going to respond to your offers more quickly.

If you're selling on LinkedIn, why not focus on those that are using it often?

You can Tag Your Prospects

This is feature saves you time and has a great convenience factor. To work efficiently on an account, you need to keep track of who is involved in the purchasing process, be patient, identify their individual priorities, and more. With Sales Navigator, you can add tags and leave notes for each lead in your feed.


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