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Omnichannel Outreach Needed Across Sales and Marketing

Omnichannel Outreach is Needed in Sales and Marketing

Communication Channels used to be Separate, but Seamless use of Omnichannels is Where Sales is Going

Have you heard of the term omnichannel marketing? What about omnichannel sales? If not, you're a bit behind the curve because having an omnichannel approach to sales is the future. It's a way to make your outbound processes be more effective for your sales and marketing teams. As you know any outbound is all about prospecting through channels like LinkedIn, email, and even cold calling to book meetings that convert prospects into paying customers.

With the rise of automation to drive better followup across touchpoints, companies with the right omnichannel strategy will win their prospects' attention. The key thing about an omnichannel is it creates a seamless experience and increases the chance of getting a response.

An Omnichannel Customer Experience Across Platforms is the Goal

An omnichannel outreach campaign is one that uses multiple channels to reach its target audience. This could include a mix of digital and traditional channels, such as email, social media, print ads, and direct mail. The goal of an omnichannel campaign is to provide a consistent message across all channels so that the target audience can easily engage with your brand.

Omnichannel campaigns are a great outreach approach because they allow businesses to reach a larger audience and create more touchpoints with potential customers. It's also a great way to start getting your sales reps to get along with your marketers. The strategy works across sales and marketing, which is important today. This increases the chances that the target audience will see the campaign message and be able to act on it. Additionally, omnichannel campaigns can create a more seamless customer experience by providing consistent information across all channels.

Let's take a look at this from an analytics perspective. Using the easier math let's say your reps are reaching out to 1000 leads each month. On average, 15% of outreach emails don't get to your prospect. That means that at least 150 people are lost in your campaign before the game even starts. An omnichannel outreach campaign raises your chances of being heard because you're increasing your touchpoint opportunities.

B2B Sales Following an Omnichannel Outreach Strategy will Transform the Customer Journey

If the goal is improving customer journeys, what does that actually look like with the omnichannel outreach process? With any good strategy, you want to identify where your ICP is hanging out. Social selling is a big part of all omnichannel outreach approaches. By understanding where your clients are, you can better prepare the buyer journey for them.

To use omnichannel, you then need to choose the channels. A great combination is email outreach + LinkedIn + phone touches (calls or texts). By reaching out across channels, you're simplifying the work reps need to do, while getting all the needed touchpoints that lead to conversion. You're also changing the customer expectations because not many B2B companies use social to sell. By improving the customer experience and journey, you'll be interacting with happier prospects.

Successful Omnichannel Outreach Increases Customer Opportunities and It's All We Can Ask For

It's not enough to use one channel in your outreach marketing or sales outbound. Omnichannel campaigns are a modern outreach process. You always want to have skin in the game and do another step further, crafting a complex and relevant outreach process through different channels, combining them, and measuring to see correlations and do adjustments accordingly.

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