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6 Data-Driven Reasons to Use LinkedIn for Networking in 2022

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Available data shows that it's no longer feasible to ignore LinkedIn, the online resource that helps millions of people find jobs and expand a professional network more effectively.

With the gig economy hitting new highs and companies looking to hire contractors and freelancers more than ever, the platform's algorithms offer an easy and straightforward path to match one's talents and skills with market demand.

If you're still hesitating to use LinkedIn for networking, here are 6 data-supported reasons that might persuade you to start reaching to people right now.

1. Build a strong professional network in any industry

LinkedIn, with over 700 million users from 200 countries, is the most trusted social media platform, according to Business Insider. That's not a surprise. Launched in 2003 as a networking and job listing website, it has gradually expanded to a reliable web resource for professionals across the world who would like to break into new industries, companies, and markets.

LinkedIn Audience:

The stats prove that having a LinkedIn profile today is no longer an option but rather a requirement if you want to boost your career or business through high-quality networking opportunities.

So, now is the time to update a personal page, post regularly, join groups, and network with people who can bring meaningful changes to your life.

2. Generate high-quality business leads faster

LinkedIn is a must-use platform for freelancers, managers, startup owners, or entrepreneurs who are planning to prospect for new clients, generate more leads, and close more deals.

LinkedIn's data shows that it's the top lead generation platform. The website's users have twice the buying power of the average web audience. It has plenty of advanced search filters that make finding the right prospects easier.

Social media statistics helping sales managers analyze the lead generation process

Sales Prospecting Facts and LinkedIn

Thus, fill out your profile to make it more trustworthy, search for qualified prospects, prioritize them, regularly comment to grab their attention, and try to help your leads by sharing professional insights.

3. Get the job you really want quickly

LinkedIn, with over 20 million vacancies and more than 30 million companies, has become an essential online tool for people who are actively searching for a new job.

The platform is so effective and popular because it not only allows users to post information about their work experience, achievements, and recommendations but also alerts them about openings that match their expertise and geographical location.

The website's algorithms based on keyword optimization makes it quite easy to find recruiters, jobs, and companies where you would like to work.

Hiring Statistics and LinkedIn

The data proves that it's getting quite difficult to ignore LinkedIn, which helps millions of people find their dream job more effectively.

4. Find top-quality employees

LinkedIn brings together millions of companies, employees, freelancers, and job seekers, and has been changing the traditional job board-based recruiting strategy.

The platform helps hiring managers and career consultants find and reach out to candidates who are not actively looking for a job, but are ready to explore better opportunities.

Some statistics show 70 percent of the global workforce are passive job seekers; LinkedIn can aid HR managers in revealing all the best talent.

Hiring managers interviewing a female job candidate

Recruiting Statistics and LinkedIn

So, do your best to incorporate LinkedIn into your recruiting strategy to fill all types of positions faster by finding candidates with the right skills.

5. Promote your services by posting on LinkedIn regularly

LinkedIn's advanced algorithms, combining job search instruments with social media and networking features, drive a lot of independent contractors to the platform.

The freelance economy is rising. In 2017, over 50 million Americans had full-time or part-time freelance jobs, and the numbers are still growing.

By posting and commenting regularly, and sending personalized messages, you get an opportunity to showcase your expertise, promote your services, grow your professional network, and draw the attention of potential employers.

Freelance Statistics and LinkedIn

If you're still not sure whether LinkedIn is the right platform to get more leads, then give it a try by engaging with people from various industries. The results may surprise you.

6. Find a mentor to get industry insights

LinkedIn unites millions of professionals from every corner of the world, so it's a good source for finding a mentor. If you're taking your first career steps or would like to break into a new industry, reach out to people who are already experts in their fields.

Find a potential mentor's profile on LinkedIn, analyze it, draft a personalized direct message to them, and feel free to hit Send. Mentors can give some firsthand insight, help you get your foot in the door of a particular company, or aid in making your career more sustainable.

Mentor-related Facts and LinkedIn

Don't miss a chance to engage with professionals who, as the stats show, are willing to help you succeed in your career and professional development.

LinkedIn is a truly efficient networking tool that can definitely aid you in getting a job, finding a mentor, searching for prospects, and bringing more high-quality leads. If you would like to make the process more efficient and don't want to waste time on drafting messages, try Poseidon's templates.


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