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Use Outbound on LinkedIn and Win

Use Outbound on LinkedIn and Win

Many businesses emphasize inbound sales and lead generation over an outbound strategy. B2B owners and founders that do this are damaging their own sales process. Outbound sales are crucial for any kind of sales strategy for lead generation. LinkedIn is the best place to do this because it has everything needed to find opportunities and do business. Social selling is changing the game of sales and you're either jumping on board or getting left behind. Whether you're prospecting on LinkedIn, growing your network, or using LinkedIn automation tools, LinkedIn is the platform that should be the foundation of your sales development framework.

LinkedIn Prospecting is Key to Your Outreach Strategy

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for business networking and prospecting. By connecting with potential customers and clients on LinkedIn, you can create opportunities for your business. When prospecting on LinkedIn, it's important to be strategic in your approach. First, identify your target ICP, and then it's time to start creating touch points. Visit their profile, mention something related to their business on their posts, and finally craft a personal message to connect with them. List building is the most common way to start outbound prospecting on LinkedIn, but it's not the only way.

You can also find potential customers with some hacks not everyone knows about. Joining and being active in LinkedIn groups related to your ICP is one of the best. You begin to build a following and trust within the group and you can reach out to anyone at any time for free through LinkedIn messages. Keyword searches are also an under-used tool for using LinkedIn for outbound. A strong prospecting strategy is a strong outreach strategy. Doing it well and consistently will guarantee sales.

Network Growth Improves Outbound Sales

Too often sales gurus knock outreach campaigns for being slow and not producing huge pipelines immediately. The truth, sometimes slower can be better, and growing your opportunities by networking is a proven way for sales teams to be more efficient. B2B leaders need to leverage LinkedIn to grow their network because it makes selling easier. Networking via LinkedIn takes away the hurdle of selling to strangers.

It will always be easier doing business with people in your network because there's trust built in. I know we all love cold calling, but if your sales reps can warm up their prospects before they make that first pitch, you're looking at better conversions. With as many industry leaders and decision-makers on LinkedIn, there is no downside to growing your network. A quick tip to improving your networking: make sure your LinkedIn profile is optimized. It makes a huge difference so optimize your profile!

Add Value and Earn those Connection Requests

The power of LinkedIn outbound sales is real. Most people just don't provide enough value to other LinkedIn users to realize it. To sell successfully using social platforms like LinkedIn, you have to add value to your network of peers and industry leaders. By posting content that's valuable and interesting, you're taking control of your business's brand image. Someone on LinkedIn will buy your product or service if you just convince them you are trustworthy and likable.

When you build that trust and credibility in your network, you become more likely to secure business from your ideal customers. If you can't be convinced of adding value as part of your LinkedIn sales tactics, there's no hope that LinkedIn works for you.

Social Proof Improves Outreach with Prospects

Testimonials, recommendations, awards. There are many ways to get your prospect's attention by displaying social proof on LinkedIn. Leads on LinkedIn will definitely be impressed to see how you treat other customers. By using strong social proof you are creating a reason for prospects to reach out to you eliminating the need for more cold messaging. Of course, you're also boosting your brand and company profile which is a great added bonus. With so many tools to use there's, you have every reason to establish your authority in your industry and build greater trust. It truly is powerful to bolster your outreach strategy.

Personalization with Automation and Follow-Up

The last, and possibly most important consideration for your outreach is keeping things personalized and following up. You can do this by tracking your prospects but at Poseidon, we make personalization with automation easy. With its cold outreach or follow-up, we help ensure you build strong customer satisfaction and loyalty. By automating follow-up processes and personalizing communications, you're showing your customers care about their experience and are committed to providing the best possible service.


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