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15 B2B Sales Influencers To Follow On LinkedIn

One of the easiest ways to get quick headway in your sales and marketing career is to follow sales influencers on LinkedIn.

As Mark Hunter puts it, "it is not about having the right opportunities. It is about handling the opportunities right", so your opportunity may be to follow the right sales coach on LinkedIn to help your sales process.

Walking through the maze alone in your career can be daunting and tiresome. It would help if you had someone to hold your hands and walk you through the steps to succeed. Fortunately, holding hands does not necessarily mean establishing physical contact with the person. Social media has made the process easier. However, you can follow from afar and learn from them.

During your lunchtime, you can scroll through your LinkedIn page, search for sales influencers, follow them, read their posts and engage with them (at least, it is better than the endless scrolls on any other social media platform).

Albeit, as easy as that may sound, it is important to state that you can only get the right sales training under the tutelage of great sales experts to scale your sales performance.

So, in this article, I share the top 15 sales influencers to follow on LinkedIn. Also, in this article, I share tips on how sales professionals are continually learning to improve their expertise. So, if you want to scale things up in your marketing and sales career, boost sales and increase revenues, this article is for you.

Let's dive right in,


Learning is continuous, and as Raymond Carver rightly puts it, "learning never ends." So, to grow your sales and marketing career, you need to keep learning. It is a good idea to learn something new every day. After all, that's what top sales leaders in the world of sales do. To this effect, here are tips on how sales professionals improve their expertise;

Tips on how sales leaders improve their expertise

  • Invest in their personal growth

  • Have a conviction that there is always more to learn

  • Possess the skills and willingness to assess their strengths and

    potential for growth accurately

As a sales rep or part of a sales team, you can emulate top sales influencers by engaging the tips above. And with the right learning mindset, there is no limit to what you can achieve in the sales world.

While it is a great idea to follow sales gurus to stay up to date on the latest trends and sales strategies, finding the greatest sales influencers to follow is a challenge. As a result, I will make a list to get you started.

Since there are so many educated sales experts available today, I've been able to filter some of the most talented top sales experts and influencers to find LinkedIn's top 15 sales experts. Join me as I take you on this exciting journey with the 15 sales influencers to follow on LinkedIn.

Top 15 Sales leaders to follow on LinkedIn

[Jill Konrath]{.ul}

Jill is a skilled sales executive, keynote speaker, and four-time bestselling book author. She constantly creates informative content and posts it on LinkedIn, earning her the title #1 B2B Sales Expert to Follow on LinkedIn. Despite her extensive experience in the field, Jill consistently follows the most recent developments in the dynamic world of sales - she never stops learning. In addition, she enjoys giving tips on differentiating yourself from other salespeople by providing more to your prospects. You can tell she hones her skills, and she is surely a sales figure to follow on LinkedIn.

[Mark Roberge]{.ul}

Mark is a powerhouse of knowledge and one of the distinctive voices in sales, and he holds several key positions in this niche. He is a co-founder and former Chief Recruitment Officer (CRO) of HubSpot and the managing director of Stage2 Capital. Also, he is a professor at Harvard Business School and an author of Sales Acceleration Formula. With a background in engineering, Mark approaches the development of sales teams and go-to-market strategies from a very professional angle. Be sure to follow him on LinkedIn for profound and in-depth sales knowledge.

[Alexine Mudawar]{.ul}

Alexine co-founded the Women in Sales Club and Strategic Account Executive Alyce in Chicago. With over nine years of experience selling SaaS, her resume is filled with multiple President'sPresident's Club honours, high achievement recognitions, and a history of beating goals. She is an advocate of participation and diversity in the workplace. You can join her network on LinkedIn to draw from her knowledge. From her, you will learn how to hire unconventionally by learning how to consider people from various professions, places, and educational institutions. In addition, you can benefit significantly from reading her posts and applying to select from the skill sets of the many amazing applicants who are seeking to change fields.

[John Barrows]{.ul}

John is one of the top voices to reckon with in the sales and marketing world. He coaches and gives sales training services to sales reps from some of the fastest growing companies worldwide, including Google, Salesforce, LinkedIn and Slack. Also, he is that sales guy who shares valuable LinkedIn content for sales leaders and sales reps and raises thought-provoking questions. In addition, he is the co-author of one of Amazon'sAmazon's best-seller children's books, "I want to be in Sales When I Grow Up." Also, John includes his experience in sales development, demand generation, and sales coaching in his content. Connect with John to get very useful sales advice that you can apply to any form of sales and marketing.

[Anita Nielsen]{.ul}

Anita is the President and Owner of LDK Advisory Services, Frankfort, Illinois, Chicago. With over 20 years of hands-on experience in B2B sales, Anita is committed to helping sales executives and teams leverage psychological principles to influence customers to make wise purchasing decisions. She is also devoted to improving the status of women in B2B sales. You can connect with her and join her network on LinkedIn.

[Morgan J. Ingram]{.ul}

As the director of sales execution at JBarrows Sales Training, Morgan is a personality to reckon with in the world of sales. First, he brings his A-game by staying on top of current sales trends. Then, he transforms those patterns into valuable insights that encourage his followers to develop their sales and marketing abilities. So if you need some advice on sales prospecting, how to grow your sales, or the most recent sales trends, be sure to follow Morgan. In addition, he publishes many enlightening tips on LinkedIn and is a great resource for learning how to prospect effectively.

[Kevin Dorsey]{.ul}

Kevin Dorsey is the guy to turn to when dishing out the best motivational posts to keep you going in your sales business. Sometimes, things may get pretty tough along the way. You may be getting a lot of no's from your prospects, and you need some words of encouragement to help you regain confidence; then, scroll through Kevin'sKevin's post for a morale booster. Scrolling through his LinkedIn feed and reading some of his recent posts will get you lit up to give it another shot.

[Chantel George]{.ul}

Chantel is one of the women in sales you can follow if you want to hit your sales targets at the snap of a finger. She is the founder of Sistas In Sales (SIS), the largest global organization for women of Color (WOC) in sales. SIS works with Fortune 500 companies, consulting firms, and tech startups, helping them attract, recruit and train WOC sales professionals. In addition, she offers a sisterhood community for these women. So if you are fascinated by her works, connect with her and join her network.

[Jill Rowley]{.ul}

Jill is your go-to guy if you are thinking of venturing into the long-term sales business. He has positively impacted the sales industry, having trained the first 100 people at Salesforce and #13 at Eloqua over the last 20 years. Jill imparts a wide range of knowledge, including practical sales strategies, broad industry trends, and developments like customer-centricity and the ecosystem era.

[Belal Batrawy]{.ul}

Perhaps, if you are starting in sales and need advice on how to navigate your startup, then you should connect with Belal. He is the Head of the Go-To-Market (GTG) in Atlanta, Georgia. And if you are thinking about what you stand to gain when you follow him, then keep reading. Belal is the director and advisor for early-stage businesses, including two that have been acquired, two that went viral and one that has become a fortune Unicorn. Consequently, he has been recognized by leading sales companies like Salesforce, Salesloft, Crunchbase, Angellist and Builtin. If this interests you, be sure to check his profile on LinkedIn and connect with him.

[Cherilynn Castleman]{.ul}

Cherilynn is an executive coach and a managing partner at CGI. She is also the Chief Learning Officer National Association of Women Sales Professionals (NAWSP) in Bradenton, Florida. She coaches customers in creating new go-to-market (GTG) models and growth strategies as a best-selling author, sales expert, and sales coach. She is also dedicated to giving women of colour (WOC) who work in sales the encouraging push they need to improve their life drastically. She is a Sales Pro who knows her onus well. So, you can join her network on LinkedIn to scale your sales development.

[Scott Leese]{.ul}

Scott co-hosts Thursday Night Sales and provides a wealth of information on advancing your sales career, such as creating a 30-60-90 plan for a VP of Sales position. He has been recognized as one of the Top 25 Inside Sales Professionals by the American Association of Inside Sales three times. He has also written three books and is frequently in demand as a consultant, leader, adviser, and sales trainer. You can follow him for more enlightening sales tips on developing your career.

[Amy Volas]{.ul}

Co-hosting with Scott on the Thursday Night Sales show is Amy Volas. She shares practical tips you can act on immediately, such as cutting down on meeting no-shows, disconnecting without losing leads, and establishing and sustaining a business.

[Daniel Disney]{.ul}

Having amassed over 800,000 LinkedIn followers and being a best-seller, it's a no-brainer that Daniel is a figure to reckon with in the pool of sales talents. He is a renowned sales advocate on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and Social Selling worldwide. He has produced millions of pounds in sales using LinkedIn. Also, he has written two best-selling books about LinkedIn and sales: "The Ultimate LinkedIn Sales Guide" and "The Million-Pound LinkedIn Message." you can connect with him to join the league of global sales reps and leaders.

[Ian Koniak]{.ul}

Ian is the president and founder of Ian Koniak Sales Coaching, a company that helps account executives perform at their best without compromising their time, health, or personal lives. As a speaker, trainer, and enterprise sales specialist, Ian has led nationwide training seminars for Fortune 500 businesses. Connect with him on LinkedIn if scaling your enterprise sales is your priority.

**Final notes

Climbing the ladder of success in the sales world is challenging. And as mentioned earlier, you'll always need someone to hold your hands. The only way that can be possible is by connecting with sales leaders on Social media. Luckily, there are many sales enablements in the form of sales influencers and sales coaches on LinkedIn. And all that is required of you is your consistency, persistence and willingness to learn. Just as Eleanor Roosevelt stated that "Learn from the mistakes of others; you can't live long enough to make them yourself." So, when you follow these sales Leaders, from reading their posts, you can learn from them, their mistakes, how they overcame them, and they were able to scale up their businesses and make a name for themselves.

Also, as Jeffrey Gitomer puts it, "Quality performance starts with a positive attitude", so if you want some quality performance, you can begin by engaging in some positive attitudes by following top sales influencers on LinkedIn. By following the abovementioned sales influencers on LinkedIn and being receptive to learning, you are on your way to improving your sales performance to generate more sales and boost revenues.


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