Create research-based reports for B2B SaaS growth

Without hiring an outrageously expensive research firm

  • Increase your B2B Organizational credibility, website traffic, and sales inquiries.
  • Publish insights your prospects and customers ACTUALLY want to read.
  • Finally land those press hits you've always wanted but could never get.

Learn more about research reports

See how Qualitative market research can help you learn about your target market faster and convey industry expertise.

Your B2B content isn't getting read

That's because you keep making content about YOU. Not your customer.

If you're like most B2B SaaS leaders, you're trying to use content to attract leads, engage customers, and become a trusted voice in your industry.

But despite your team's best efforts, their content just isn't getting read.

And isn't generating traffic, leads, or customers fast enough.

This means your team does not yet understand the needs and pains of your target market.

Then what happens?

Pipeline suffers. Quotas get missed. No conversions from your website.

And a lot of people get upset.

What do I get with Poseidon Market Research?

Quarterly research-based reports SPECIFIC TO THE NEEDS AND PAINS of your target market.

We do all the surveying, data collection, analysis, and design work for you.
Oh, you also own all the data if you want it.

Poseidon reports will help you...

Nearly-instant sales pipeline.
Get opted-in emails and phone numbers after your survey closes.
Validate your product messaging.
Make better product decisions, backed by real data.
Get valuable hits in the press.
Force your competitors to link to YOU instead of the other way around.
Scale your entire content calendar.
Repurpose your data for countless lead-generating webinars, videos, and more.
Create original content that get you critical SEO links.
Generate unique content that ranks faster.
More valuable sales touchpoints.
Write outbound comms that actually educate instead of pester prospects.

How it works β€” 2 step process

Choose your ICP


Recruiters & HR

VPs & Directors of Marketing

IT & Security leaders

Create your survey


The State of Talent Acquisition 2022

Event Marketing, 2 Years After COVID

Cybersecurity Predictions 2023

Overview of our process

We go outbound on your behalf to

Collect survey data from your ICP

We handle the most painful part of the process: Recruiting vetted survey respondents who are actually potentially in market and have the pain points that your solution might address.

We create a readable report for you

Not enough agencies focus on this part. Either they’re really good at research and validation, or they’re good at design. Few are willing to invest in delivering the goods you actually need.

How much does it cost to...

Create valuable content your market will actually read
Make customers feel like you actually understand them
Boost sales & marketing with better content

1 time quarterly report

$ 49,500

2-month survey period

Expert services in survey creation

Up to 4 LinkedIn Sales Nav licenses

Up to $5,000 participant incentives

World-class report formatting & design

Expert services in data analysis

Need extra help?

We consulted with the world's best content marketing and survey methodology PhDs to make Poseidon reports as valuable as possible.
If you need even more help, contact us to discuss:

  • PhD-level survey creation and analysis
  • Custom report designs and/or ads
  • Webinar production and delivery
  • Up to $5,000 participant incentives
  • Get assistance promoting your survey
  • Expert copywriting